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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sachets compostable

Our sachets are made from paper and a vegetable-based liner which keeps the powder dry.  They are certified as biodegradable and compostable.

Can I compost my sachet at home?

Yes, the sachets can be put into your home compost bin but remember to remove the labels first as these need to go into the recycle bin (we are working on this!).

How long will my sachet take to compost?

The length of time for the sachet to break down depends on the environment.  In industrial composters the temperature is higher, meaning the process is quicker.  In your home composter, the temperature is likely to be lower, taking longer for the process.  It can take anywhere from 45 days to 6 months to decompose.

Why shouldn't I fill my bottle all the way to the top?

While the product and the water are mixing overnight there may be a little expansion.  Using 14floz of water should allow for this and give a thicker, more creamy texture to your product.

Why can't I use my product immediately after mixing with water?

Because there are several different ingredients in the sachet, they all need time to react with the water and with each other before using.  You will see the product thickens overnight resulting in the perfect consistency.

How long will my shower crème last? 

Each sachet contains 1.4oz of powder, which will make up to 16floz of shower crème. On average your shower crème should last about a month. If you have more than one person using it or you are very liberal when using the crème you will need your zero waste refill sachet sooner.

What are the bottles made of?

Our 'buy once' bottles are made from 100% waste or recycled plastic or amber glass.  The recycled plastic bottles may appear to have a slight greyish tinge to them, this is because they are a completely recycled product. 

How many times can I reuse my bottle?

Your bottle should last a long time.  There is no limit to how many times you can refill your bottle.  Just rinse it out and give it a gentle clean after each use, refill and you're ready to go again.