One girl's attempt to make a difference!

If you haven't read the book 'The World Without Us' by Alan Weisman I suggest you do. This book opened my eyes to the impact that humans have on nature and changed my thinking forever.

Plastic was created to last, it was never intended for single use. Just take a moment to digest that fact. How have we ended up where we are now with single use plastic everywhere we look?

I have a way to go before I can claim to be a 'zero waster', I can't even claim to be 'plastic free' - yet. What I can claim is that I'm trying to make a difference by raising awareness, offering plastic free alternatives to everyday consumable items and making eco-friendly choices for myself and my family wherever I can.

Going 'zero waste' or even 'plastic free' can be daunting, but by just thinking about your impact and the choices you make you are already on your way to making a difference. Congratulations!