• Welcome to our sustainable personal care website!

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Welcome to our sustainable personal care website!

Zero Waste Re-useable Bottle Collection

Zero Waste Hand Wash Collection

Zero Waste Shower Crème Collection

Zero Waste Shampoo Collection

Our Mission

To nurture sustainability by encouraging consumers to make environmentally friendly choices that are kind to them and our beautiful planet.

A completely new concept in personal care products!

Help us make a difference

At milly&sissy we care about our planet and we care about you.

Changing your consumer habits to zero waste can seem daunting. We believe that every small step helps and we want to help you to move in the right direction, little by little.

Our products are zero waste, sustainable and cruelty free. They will leave you feeling clean and vibrant and knowing that you've made a difference.

Did you know…?

Why buy from us?


All our shower crème is made from 99% natural ingredients.  The base of the shower crème is made from olive oil, coconut oil and argile (clay), nothing strange that you’ve never heard of before, just pure simple ingredients.

How to use our products

It's easy peasy (and perfect for travel)...

What our customers think

It's a great way to start reducing waste in my house.  The shower crème has a lovely light fragrance and is very moisturizing.  I'll definitely be using this again.


Sensitive Skin

I am always a bit worried about changing my skincare products because my skin is so sensitive.  But this very natural shower crème works wonderfully leaving my skin rash free and beautifully moisturized.  I love being able to refill the bottle.


Thumbs up from the kids

My kids use this on their hair and body for an all over showering experience.  They love it!

Christian F

I tend to suffer with a bit of eczema so was worried about using the product but it hasn't irritated my skin at all - I love it and would recommend it to others with sensitive skine


We all have a favourite

My son prefers the passion fruit fragrance but I prefer the shea tree.  We added a bit too much water for the first bottle but now we've got it just right on this second bottle - it's lovely & creamy & feels really luxurious.

Sarah W